Fonzo Fest 2021
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Fonzo Fest this year is in loving memory of our Mini Minion Isabelle, who passed away peacefully at home November 2021. Please consider stopping by Jellytot Photo Shop & Corner Shop all sales from her stores now go directly to RFL during our Tea & Cookies Fundraiser

PSP presents our annual FONZO FEST!

Meet the Sponsors 


Come and check out what our amazing creators have brought you all for all your Christmas needs! 


Visit our gift market to pick up the perfect gift for your loved ones or even to treat yourself. All items Transferable ♥

FREE ADVENT - Dec 17 - 29

Visit Alfonzo Isle's town centre every day from December 17th through Dec 29th to receive a different gift each day from one of 12 of Fonzo's friends! All gifts under the tree in the centre of PSP HQ  Totally free and no group required ♥

Fonzo Fest Grid-Wide Hunt - 1L$