The very first Alfonzo Isle came soon after this and we have grown and changed a lot since then but it takes a wholeeee lot of team work to make everything here at PSP happen so let me introduce you to my best friends and minions! 

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Purple Sloth Productions (PSP) was founded in May 2020 to provide safe and family friendly events and hunts to bring those in the family community together as well as provide a safe welcoming environment for creators both new and old! 

Alfonzo The Purple Sloth

What do you know it's me! That's right I am the big boss around here after all! I'm Alfonzo the Purple Sloth I love to get up to mischief and make lots of new friends as well as taking lots of slothie naps! 

Beyonkah "Minion One" 

Nikki "Minion Two"

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These are my Big Minions! Beyonkah "Minion One" and Nikki "Minion Two". They Co-Own and run PSP and aim to keep Alfonzo Isle a safe and happy place for people of all ages! Beyonkah is the owner of Sherbert, Reina Photography, Kinderstrudle and Pica, Nikki is the owner of Baby Bug's Boutique and Kuro's Farrago. Together they both have Gel-a-Toes too! You can find all of their stores right here on Alfonzo Isle! These two are like chalk and cheese but they are pretty fun too! 

Koko "Buddy" 


Tea & Cookies

This right here is my bestest friend Koko but most people call him Buddy! He loves to dance and eat snacks, he is the best adventure buddy a purple sloth could ask for! Careful though don't trust those imposter Buddy's around here! *looks for imposters* 
Meet Betty the Bunny she keeps us all organised and always looks fabulous in her outfits! You will find her outside HQ shes a busy busy bunny sending out her notices keeping you all up to date with what is new at Alfonzo Isle! Watch out for them in the PSP Group. 
This is Tea & Cookies isn't she pretty! She helps us with our fundraising during our Tea & Cookies fundraising each year. In honor of two very special ladies. 

Our Angel Jellytot
     "Mini Minion" 

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This is the Angel member of our team! My Mini minion Isabelle! Our Jellytot grew her angel wings in November 2021. We think about her often and she is still a huge part of our PSP family.